Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Why Nigel Farage needs the BNP

I took a call from a friend today who told me there were anonymous postings on Democracy Forum associating me with the BNP. For the record I have never been a member of the BNP. I have never attended a BNP meeting nor shared a platform with a BNP speaker. I have only ever been a member of one political party, UKIP.

If this anonymous poster cares to put his name to his lies I will sue them for defamation. I know UKIP's lawyer warned all the then UKIP NEC that I would be certain to take court action if they linked me with the BNP directly or indirectly without evidence to support these allegations.

Why when the EU is at its weakest and UKIP has a once in a lifetime to topple the whole edifice does the UKIP spin machine waste its energies in internecine attacks on me and drags in the BNP? The only explanation is the UKIP  hierarchy and wannabe MEPs do not want us out of the EU. They want to get on the EU gravy train. The money that flows from this plus promise of Brussel's jobs sustains the Cabal and its wannabe members and maintains Nigel Farage's grip on UKIP.

Nigel Farage was for the BBC the acceptable face of right wing Eurosceptism keeping  the BNP bogey men off the air. It ensured Nigel a steady flow of appearances on high profile BBC political  programmes with opportunities for Nigel to do what he is good at, promoting Nigel. It also ensured Nigel an easy ride without any real follow up or research by BBC interviewers. Where is Farage's oft claimed web posting of his expenses? Why does he continue to employ his wife?  Why has his claimed former lucrative City business career never been investigated. His interviews are littered with inconsistent answers but these were never followed up. Why?

Compare that to the treatment meted out to Griffin by the BBC at that rigged London Question Time with a carefully selected biased audience. Certainly the BNP has some extremely nasty racist policies and some very unpleasant people but so do Nigel's allies in the EU, the Liga Nord etc. UKIP is also not short of unpleasant people with unedifying habits.

The BNP however is now falling apart. Griffin has been seduced by the EU money and status. It is no longer a credible political force that  the left wing BBC needs to worry about. As a result the BBC no longer feels it has to promote Mr Farage as before . It has been noticeable that in the last year the able, intelligent, articulate Daniel Hannan is now the BBC's Brussels based MEP Eurosceptic interviewee of choice.

The UKIP Cabal are now desperately trying to fan the BNP embers into life to restore the previous
BNP bogey men in the BBC's pantheon of hate figures and restore Nigel to his former most favoured status. That is why I am now being attacked. It's  pathetic and cannot possibly have any effect. It merely shows how inadequate and juvenile are those who spin for UKIP.

Nigel was always very  assiduous in accusing his self perceived enemies of BNP membership or links but things have changed with the BNP crumbling and this tactic will no longer work. Politicians have always needed bogey men to frighten the electorate into voting for them. Its a pity Nigel's one has just died!

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