Saturday, 26 November 2011

Prepare for riots in euro collapse FCO tells embassies

Thus reads the headline in today's DT. I think I wrote this about 18 months ago but of course the FCO are always the last to know  what's happening. An unnamed UK minister is quoted as saying Britain is planning on the basis that a euro collapse is just a matter of time. "It is in or interests that they keep playing for time as that gives us more time to prepare" is the verbatim quote. So in the current metaphor lets hope they keep kicking the can down the road but what happens when they reach the brick wall at the end?

Riots and social unrest opines the FCO, along with bank failures and UK citizens left unable to access their bank accounts. This from the organisation that gave you the Maastricht Treaty setting up the Euro, a currency without an emergency exit. Investors are getting their cash out of the Eurozone as fast as possible and are clearly not buying even German bunds on this weeks auction results.

Politicians are very good at conning the general public. The general public think they are listening to people with the same moral standards and sense of right and wrong as themselves. They are of course total mistaken in this belief. Politicians of all parties and countries are  largely amoral, self serving and interested only in saving their electoral skins and keeping the other lot out of power.

Bankers on the other hand operate with the same complete lack of decency as politicians so are not susceptible to the con men that form our political elite. In short the politicians fine words and ringing phrases cut no ice with our hard nosed self serving bankers. Hence the reception each gale of hot air from the Eurozone elite on the unthinkable break of the Euro gets from the financial markets. An initial positive response rapidly followed by a much larger reverse. You can't con a banker with half baked political rhetoric or threats of financial Armageddon. They know whatever happens they will be needed by whoever is in government, Generals, Colonels or despots.

I did enjoy Nigel Farage's, 'who elected you', attack on the three EU stooges at the Euro talking shop. It was good knockabout stuff and  I am sure UKIP's rank and file will enjoy it on YouTube. Its a pity more of them do not realise the party they belong to is EUKIP, emphasis on the first two letter.

But it was always thus. As Dr Goebels realised a big lie is always better than the truth. If you want to extract some semblance of  truth from the statements of politicians reverse. An example of the big lie is the way our MPs refer to themselves as honourable or right honourable. The expenses scandal showed the truth about these people was the exact opposite. So when they say the Euro will not be allowed to fail you now know what they mean. You can't con an old Bank of England sceptic!


Sue said...

I must admit I have lost faith in UKIP. Not only UKIP but the whole political party system, it simply doesn't work.

I do however enjoy Nigel's outspoken rants at the EU. They don't take him seriously of course but it is possible to watch them squirm once in while when he hits a nerve. When the videos go viral, especially in the states, I imagine the likes of Barroso et al cringing when they're being made fun of. They are after all, megalomaniacs and it must crease their ego's.

I don't know if UKIP are EUKIP, what I do know is, they have managed to wake up the public to the corruption of the EU and more importantly, made them angry about it.

I've been saying for a long time that I don't know how our lot have the audacity to call themselves "honourable"...that is something they most definitely are not. We have politicians and peers who have blatantly stolen taxpayers money and they get to keep their jobs!

Baroness Uddin who is waiting to return to the HoL intends repaying the money she stole out of the money she gets paid by the taxpayer.

How is that right?

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Sue. I agree with your comments re our political system and the sordid dishonourable people who populate it and call themselves honourable. We have one here in Somerset.

I also agree with you re Mr Farage but I compare his pantomime rant performance with the measured and very effective effort of Daniel Hannan on QT last week. I know who the great British public will listen to.

Niall Warry said...

But Hannan on Question Time still said we trade around 40% with the EU which is simply NOT true.

I'd remind you that one can argue there is no such thing as a Tory Eurosceptic!

Eric Edmond said...

Niall, Why are there so many Lieutenant Colonels in the British Army? I reckon there is enough for 3 battalions.