Monday, 28 November 2011

UK needs the Anglo Saxons not the EU squabbling mid Europeans

I will always remember how bitter my New Zealand and Australian friends were in 1971 when it became clear that Heath was going to sell them out for his European dream. I contacted them in late 1972 to point out how Heath had also sold out his own countrymen, our fishermen, to secure his appalling European deal. I well remember during the All Black 72/73 tour that coincided with Parliament's vote on Heath's sordid deal the New Zealanders in the crowds chanting 'Give them the EEC' as the All Blacks defeated most of the UK opposition but inexplicably lost to the French!

A history programme this weekend on the defence of Tobruk against Rommel's Panzers lead by Aussie part time General Leslie Morshead inflicted the first ever reversal of a Panzer attack suffered by  the Germans made me think about how much we owe to the ANZACs, the Canadian,  the Indian and other Commonwealth soldiers along with the Yanks who fought and died for our country during two world wars. Morshead's well organised defence of Tobruk turned the war in Africa in our favour. Without the Aussies there could have been no El Alamein. Who would you rather rely on in a fight, the Italians and French or the Aussies and New Zealanders?

Heath and his chums were obsessed with fighting the last war not preparing for the next. It has been the British Sandhurst way throughout history and persists today in Afghan. They talk endless twaddle about learning lessons but always miss the big points. Their laudable aim of no more European wars sounds eerily like the WWI slogan, the war to end all wars. That slogan led to the millions being killed.

The EU claim supported by the UK euro philes that the EU had kept the peace in Europe these last 60 years is patent nonsense. Last time I looked at the map the Balkans were part of Europe and 200000 people were slaughtered there while the EU political elite squabbled. It was only when an American led organisation called NATO steeped in and bombed Serbia to the negoriating table that the killing largely stopped. The  EU  want to air brush NATO from history as did De Gaulle successfully in France I remember French Euro crats in Brussels telling me France was liberated in 1944 by De Gaulles's Free French forces! De Gaulle of course then went on to do his best to sabotage NATO and undermine the US dollar. As Churchill remarked the cross of Lorraine was the hardest cross he ever had to bear in WWII.

What we are seeing now in this latest Euro crisis is a rerun of the traditional mid European squabbles. The EU should read European history and learn from it a and stop trying to rewrite it. Orwell in his novel 1984 pointed out where that leads to. The horrible scare tactics used by the EU to cow the populace is terrifyingly like the Big Brother tactics in the novel with Barroso as big brother.

The pseudo economic arguments used in 72 and 76 and peddled by the EU philes today on the advantages of UK membership of the EU are as false today as they were 45 years ago. The EU is a mature flat lining market dominated by the huge ultra efficient German economy. The only UK businesses that will benefit are  UK importers of Mercs, BMWs etc. The new expanding markets where UK industry can succeed are in the Pacific Rim and India. That's right the very countries Heath and his chums betrayed to join the then Common Market. The other growth area is of course financial services centred on London and based on the fair play enshrined in UK common  law. In which jurisdiction would wish to argue your case, UK or France?

I have no idea where this Eurozone crisis will go now. The rational economic solution is to break up the Euro into at least two parts. The people in charge however are not capable of rational thought in this matter. Their reputations, beliefs and whole raison d'etre depend on the Euro. They will go piling insanity upon insanity. I opine the hated Anglo Saxon Yanks will have to step in and rescue them eventually as they have done before as one possible scenario.

The two lessons the UK government should learn are you will never stop squabbling mid Europeans fighting each other and second the UK's true interests, economic and political lie with the Anglo Saxon countries with which we share a common language, culture and legal system. Its time to remember who our real friends are.

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Anonymous said...

"The EU claim supported by the UK euro philes that the EU had kept the peace in Europe these last 60 years is patent nonsense."
How can anyone claim that Europe was at peace from 1945 to 1989.
Ok we were not fighting but a cold war is not really peaceful.
So peace has only been around for 22 years - not really such a long time.