Monday, 5 December 2011

And for the next Franco Prussian coup d'etat

There can be no doubt now that Germany runs the EU. Following their successful regime change operations in Greece and Italy Merkel and her poison dwarf Sarkozy have expanded their ambitions to the whole Eurozone and will control the budget of all the states who are in the  Euro.

And what did our great political leaders Cameron, Clegg & Millipede have to say about this unprecedented power grab? Well nothing, so no change there then.

The markets desperate for good news rallied with Italian 10 year yields dropping below 6% for the first time for 6 weeks. All helped by the IMF, now run by the fragant frogette Christine, announcing today it  was lending the Greeks 2.2 bn  € most of which will go straight to French banks. Quelle surprise! Unfortunately these Anglo Saxon party poopers the ratings agency S&P put France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg Finalnd & Austria on negative credit watch. Wait and see what happens at the next Eurozone debt auction when bankers have to put up real money. Words are easy but collecting tax in a society whose national sport is tax evasion is very difdicult/impossible I opine rates will rise or the auction will be uncovered.

And where is Farage's EUKIP? Well nowhere as usual.

I had hoped there was a slight chance of a UK referendum on our membership of the EU. That is now less likely. Cameron and Clegg have to hang together or they will hang separately. They know they cannot win a referendum so there will be no referendum. Simples. Sordid party interests trump our countries' needs. Clegg of course has his eye on a lucrative EU position like Kinnock, Mrs Kinnock and Kinnock junior held. The EU is expert at incentivising the political elite and ensuring the real power stays with them not the people of Europe. Its a corrupt system that will eventually lead to a bloody revolution for which of course the ordinary people will be blamed.

As for repatriating powers from the EU its not the right time says CleggCam. Wait for three years until we sort out the Eurozone problems and then we will get our powers back. Listen Dave things are being settled right now. This is exactly the right time to do it. Wait for 3 years and the Eurocrats will laugh at them and say where were you 3 years ago when we were deciding these matters? The ClegCam tale is just a fairy story. I stopped believing in them years ago just as I stopped believing Nigel Farage could get us out of the EU 5 minutes after I met him.

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