Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dave & Gideon, the markets are watching you!

So far the boy Dave and his oik friend Gideon call me George have escaped the scrutiny of the bond market which had bigger Italian fish to fry. This honeymoon period is now coming to and end signalled by UK 10 year gilt yields starting to creep up 2.30 % tonight. This even with Bank of England  QE support that has so far bought up 200 bn £ of gilts! Gilts have also benefited as a funk hole for money wishing to exit the Eurozone but they may soon realise its out of the frying pan into the fire. I cannot see the UK economy standing up to close scrutiny. So far the incredible incompetence of Merkozy has been the focus of the market's attention but that will pass and it will be on to fresh pasture.

The UK political elite are now in referendum denial mode with Pinnochio Clegg's nose getting longer and longer and Dave's cherry red cheeks blushing even more. They are treating the great British public like idiots to be feted for 3weeks every 5 years and then ignored. Perhaps when Gideon's austerity measures start to bite and unemployment rise the public might become just a little bit angry with LibDem lies. They forced an unwanted AV referendum on us for their own sordid electoral advantage and now deny us the referendum on EU  membership so many of us want. The are neither Liberal or Democratic but I can offer them  a morsel of comfort. As long as Nigel Farage remains EUKIP leader the chance of the UK electorate voting to leave the EU is vanishingly small.

To win such a referendum will take organisation, money and political talent. I am reasonably certain someone like Stuart Wheeler might supply the money and Nikki Sinclaire has shown she can organise a referendum. It will however need a lot of political talent like Daniel Hanaan, IDS and people of similar calibre to campaign for the leave the anti-EU side. EUKIP's fruit cakes and loonies will need to be kept in a dark room for the duration of the campaign along with Fuerher Farage. Make no mistake the LibDems will fight a very dirty campaign. They are renowned for it.

Our best ally in this struggle will be the EU Markozy dictatorship. There is a huge resentment in Europe against The Germans and the French are not liked either. All Dave has to do is not support Merkozy and play the repatriation of powers card for all he is worth. If Clegg opens his mouth just call an election. He won't be around a month later to bother Dave or the UK electorate either.

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