Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cast iron Dave is on a sticky wicket

Just as I finished my blog yesterday Cast Iron came on the TV announcing he was going in to bat for the City on Friday against the demon EU opening bowlers Sarky and Merky with Barroso and Rumpy as first change. Cast Iron has a poor average of zero against EU bowling. He has threatened to use his veto but the EU bowlers know  he is poor against the short pitched stuff so will ensure he gets plenty of it and they will get him out pretty quickly!

Cameron's antics reminds me of that children's party game where you have to keep your hands and feet on widely spaced coloured circles. His circles are his back bench eurosceptics plus BoJo, his back bench Europhiles plus his LibDem 'allies', saving his beloved Eurozone and keeping Tory financial backers in the City onside and writing the cheques. Quite a stretch for the man of iron! No wonder he did not look well today.

On the markets Germany got its 5bn € bund auction away today twice covered. No surprise there as the Gestapo had previously visited the four big players, Dodgy, Comical, Dreadful and Hypothetical with the rubber truncheons so they knew what to do. Its all been stage managed. Merkel could not afford a repeat of the uncovered 23 Nov bund auction fiasco before her great moment when she is crowned the Empress of Europe.

The Tory backbenchers put on a good show today at PMQs. Dave and Pinnochio Clegg could have to concede a referendum on our EU membership. It will be a very dirty fight. I can remember the dirty tricks used in the 1975 Wilson referendum by the Europhiles and the EU.

Is EUKIP prepared for the fight? Of course not! They won't know what has hit them in such a campaign. The Europhile media have a huge amount of unpublished damaging material on EUKIP'S leadership. EUKIP is of course still adding to this pile. Today in the DT Stephen Pollard writing on lobbyists describes EUKIP latest star recruit thus, ' "The cash for questions" scandal in which Neil Hamilton and Tom Smith, two Conservative MPs , were found to have been paid cash by a lobbyist, Ian Greer,to ask questions in Parliament on behalf of Mohammed Fayed was as straightforward an example of tainted politics as you could imagine.'

The Tories ditched Hamilton as an electoral liability. He will be an albatross round EUKIP's neck.  Farage and his MEP cabal will retain their lucrative EU positions either way. Who said there was no money in politics?


Sue said...

With the Bell Pottinger scandal in the news this week, it only goes to prove they're all at it.

It's a low blow on your part and not worthy of you. None of the parties are squeaky clean and you know it.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes indeed Sue but some politicians have more baggage than others. I think of the transparently honest intelligent decent people like Martin Haslam who have been banned by Farage and his henchman Nuttall from rejoining UKIP and ask why Hamilton and not Martin?

Its not a cheap shot its realistic assessment of having Hamilton and his wife prominent in UKIP. If we get a referendum the LibDems will use him to crucify UKIP.

Eric E