Thursday, 8 December 2011

British PMs are the US presidents poodle

It was thus with Bill and Tony and Dubya and Tony/Gord and now Obama and Cast Iron Cameron. You want us to invade Iraq to cover your ass? Yes sir Mr President right away. You want us to go to Afghanistan to get our young people killed in an unwinnable war. Yes sir Mr President. Run the risk of a few Islasmic nutters killing 50 British citizens in London? No problem Mr President.

Thus it goes on and on. When will we learn? The latest series of undisclosed calls to Cameron from Obama order him to help fix the Eurozone. Pay for it out of the box marked British interests and on no account stand up for your own people. If you rock the boat Cast Iron it could cost me my second term as president so don't argue or I will be across the pond to kick ass starting with yours. I guess you know all about that from your days at Eton so I'll use a sharp cricket stump.

The tall guy on the steps of the Elysee with Sarky two days ago, well anybody next to Sarky looks tall even his wife, was Timothy Geitner, US Treasury secretary. He was there to give Sarky the same message. If you don't fix the Eurozone quick Obama is going to lose!

I thought it was great when the US elected Obama, a black man, as president. I changed my mind after his sordid vote seeking performance over the BP oil spill when around 12 guys were killed on the rig BP had hired from the US company Transocean. In Bhopal the American company Union Carbide was responsible for the deaths of around 25000 Indians foollwing a leak of toxic chemicals at its plant there. Funny we never here from Obama about that but you see Indians, especially dead ones, have no votes in US presidential elections.

The US are exerting huge pressure on all concerned to fix the Eurozone before next November's presidential elections. Sorry Mr President but it can't be fixed because of a fundamental design flaw. Still have a nice day and enjoy kicking ass!

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