Friday, 9 December 2011

Cast iron Dave plays a solid game

Continuing my cricket metaphor Dave put up a good rearguard action yesterday. It reminded me of a Boycott Atherton batting display, boring but immensely valuable for the side. The value of Dave's performance will only come to be realised in the coming months. I thought the BBC's coverage was unbelievably biased toward the EU. Cameron is our PM and deserves the support of our national broadcaster against EU lies and propaganda. The sooner the BBC is privatised the better.

I was appalled to hear the BBC report the outcome described as being well received by the bond market. Its a lie! Tonight Italian 10 year bonds closed at 6.83%, Greek at 32.62%, Portugal at 13.16%  all in bail out territory!  French bonds were over 1% more expensive than UK gilts. The BBC reporters are obviously totally innumerate.

The idea that there are now 26 countries solidly against the EU is laughable. All Merkozy has done is reiterate the previous growth and stability pact that was breeched in 2005 by France and Germany! They propose fines now for those that breech the rules. There is a saying in Scotland, 'Ye cannae tak the breeks of a Hieland man'. Or to put it in English how do you get money out of bankrupt countries. Surcharge their political elite is the only acceptable possibility but that's against the rules of our poltical rulers.

As with previous summit outcomes the proposals such as they are will fall apart under market scrutiny in next few weeks. Also the 26 will soon be squabbling in the best mid European tradition. Huge resentment will build up against Merkozy and even more against their appointed unelected Gauleitiers  like Monti. (Gauleiter (German pronunciation: [ˈɡaʊlaɪtə]) was the party leader of a regional branch of the NSDAP(more commonly known as the Nazi Party) or the head of a Gau or of a Reichsgau.) It made my blood boil to hear the unelected Monti slagging off Cameron. I hope he remembers what happened to Mussolini.Let them have their Franco Prussian rulers. They will soon want the Brits back. 

Cameron did not come back with anything new. Start with the Working Time Directive and the Common Fisheries policy and salami slice in the best EU manner. We may have just seen the start of the beginning of getting our country back!


Brian Wilkins said...

I believe that the Beeb receives money from the EU, hence the bias. As this is against their charter, we would all be justified in not paying the licence fee.

Eric Edmond said...

Brian, I did not know they took EU funds. It certainly calls into question their claims to be impartial. I note that Oborne in today's DT made the same point of blatant pro EU bias from the BeeB.

There was an appalling interview of Hague by whoever does the Radio4 morning programme yesterday around 7:30 where Hague was not allowed to answer the question before being interrupted with another pro EU question.

Its high time the BBC was privatised and the licence fee abolished.

Eric E