Saturday, 10 December 2011

A military angle in Europe and the Falklands

The Argies have been kicking up recently about their claims to the Falklands. The decision by the Coalition to scrap our two serving carriers on the assumption we could borrow one from the French now looks very imprudent. The Argies will have noted the falling out of Cameron and the wannabe Napoleon Sarkozy will not have gone unnoticed in Buenos Aries by the Argies. The British Embassy will of course believe whatever the Argies tell them up to the invasion.

It would be wise to reinforce the Falkland garrison asap and strengthen the RAF presence and anti-aircraft missile defence there also. It is now very unwise to station Wills there. We should also ensure there is always at least one hunter killer British nuclear sub in the area and make sure the Argies no this. All the pro EU propaganda from the BBC will simply encourage the belief in Argentina that Britain is weak and isolated. Best to declare a 150 mile no Argie ships cordon round the Islands now and avoid trouble.

It was also good to see the US military head General Martin Dempsey saying he is concerned about, 'the potential for civil unrest' as Europe's financial crisis unfolds. He went on to say it was unclear the latest steps taken by EU leaders would be enough to hold the Eurozone together adding that a break up would have consequences for the Pentagon.

Wise words! The fatuous claims by the EU that it has kept the peace in Europe are simply lies and propaganda to suit their book. It is the US and NATO that has kept the peace in Europe since 1945, Sarkozy's French pathological  hatred of the Anglo Saxons blinds him to this obvious truth is very dangerous for all the peoples of Europe. The recent Merkozy orchestrated regime change in Greece and Italy has created a fertile breeding ground for political agitators to work in. Merkel and Sarkozy are making the same mistakes as Napoleon and Hitler.

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