Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Farage's EUKIP , a me too party

After I wrote yesterdays blog I switched on the C4 news to find some members of the Farage Youth being interviewed on the streets of Feltham allegedly campaigning for UKIP's candidate standing in Thursday's by-election there. They seemed keen to repeat the Labour LibDem line that Cameron had isolated us in Europe lost our voice at the top table etc. Indeed they might as well have been the young LibDems or Labour youth except they are now all on the opposition front bench with Hettie.

So I picked up a few of their Furher's utterances on the same subject  and lo and behold he was parroting the Lib Dem Labour isolation line as well. So what is EUKIP for if all it can do is repeat the LibDemLab slogans|? When the prime minister of our country is under attack from the EU outside the country and fifth column Brussels Broadcasting Corporation inside the UK all Farage can do is join the BBC line.

The youth wing at least know that to get on the EU gravy train and be as wealthy as Nigel its best to say Ja Wohl mein Gruppenfuerher. Thinking is not encouraged in EUKIP. Blind obedience to the leader  is all that is required as it was in a former, but now disbanded thank God, youth organisation.

Where are the other members of the Cabal? They seem to keeping a very low profile or is Nigel as usual hogging all the TV spots!

It was good fun to watch Paxo on Newsnight yesterday making mincemeat of our neighbour Pantsdown. Is he the best the LibDems can find to put up to defend the cowardly Clegg? Paxo was in his best brassed off with another lying politician mode. Pants down is the most pompous man I know. He embodies the political elite. He persistently denigrates all who dare disagree with his EU fantasies. They are people as well you know Paddy entitled to their views and what is more they might just be right!

The BBC are doing their best to undermine our country in the eyes of the world. There are many mentally challenged US politicians who believe what they say. I do hope Obama realises the real threat to world stability an EU empire under Prussian leadership would pose. Sarkozy believes his United States of Europe will be superior to the US. He is a dangerous man, more so when he is behind in the polls.

Meanwhile on the markets yields on Italian and Spanish bonds continue to rise, the Euro continues to fall - good news for those of us going ski-ing. Things are not going to plan. Dr Frau Merkel's solution?  Let us have a another summit before Xmas.


Anonymous said...

Are you the same Eric Edmond who wanted UKIP to sign an agreement with the BNP sir?

Eric Edmond said...

That is a lie. Like all the Cabal you hide behind anonymity. Put your name to your question.