Friday, 2 December 2011

Pressure grows on Cameron

The boy is between a rock and a hard place domestically and on the European front. He is not a conviction politician. He is a PR man with no real beliefs in anything but himself. He sounded the retreat from his repatriate powers position on Tuesday with his employment minister Grayling abandoning demands to repatriate employment powers because of 'the urgency of the eurozone crisis'. His fall back position is to protect the position of the non-Eurozone EU powers when the Franco Prussian panzers roll forward. This is clearly an untenable position that will leave Merkozy free to pick of the non-Eurozone countries one by one once the Dr Frau has subdued her rebellious PIGS.

His country is in dire economic straits a large part of which is caused by EU regulatory work time directives strangling British business. As always when the first shots are fired Dave is the first to retreat. He reminds me of my Father's old joke that he joined the infantry not the cavalry so as not to have a horse slowing him down when the retreat sounded. Sarkozy already treats him like shit and Dave just stands there and takes it. Does he not make you ashamed to be British. He will soon be a target for the Berlusconi treatment.

On the home front he faces increasing union and civil unrest. He cannot hope to face down the unions on a field of rising unemployment and declining living standards. The unions will win. The traditional way out for a national leader in this predicament is to blame it on Johnny Foreigner. Dave cannot do this as his propaganda arm the BBC speaks for the EU as does the fifth column Clegg, Huhne, Cable and Alexander in his cabinet who will leak anything he proposes that might damage their beloved EU in the most damaging way.

He will face a series of demands for yet more anti EU referendums. His LibDem arm will of course oppose these demands but his loyal but discontented troops who see the spoils of government going unfairly to the LibDems and not them will support these anti-EU calls for all they are worth. They know the kick Johnny Foreigner tactic works.

His chief technocrat is busily engaged in shooting any slight economic recovery in the foot. Asking the banks to raise yet more capital is insane in the current climate. Banks are uninvestable  right now. No one in their right mind would put more money into banks in the present climate. As for cutting bankers bonuses not even Warren Buffet could make that one stick!

There are one or two glimmers of hope. Labour has its worst leader since Michael Foot. He misses open goals so regularly he really should be playing for England. There is no love lost between Sarky and Merkel and her desire for German hegemony in Europe awakes old memories of the master race syndrome.

The Yanks by flooding the market with dollars have bought the EU a little time  however if the Republicans find themselves a credible presidential candidate then that source of support will quickly dry up.

I cannot see this coalition going the distance. For the first time since 1972 I can smell the possibility of an election or referendum on us leaving the EU. Will EUKIP be mobilised for this great battle? Not while Farage remains as leader. If he stays he will literally piss away in the bars of Brussels the chance to save our country.


John Page said...

The eurozone will lose some southern countries (they can't be governed as if they were northern). Sarko & Merkel are on collision course as regards supervision/enforcement of budgets - Merkel absolutely clear, Sarko obfuscating for dear life, as his two audiences, Merkel and his voters, need to hear different things.

What is the point of the eurojelly at No 10? If Merkel is Blair without the principles, the eurojelly is Blair wihout the vision and charm. The short victorious war has been tried and we can't afford another. Anyway the full d├ębacle in Afghanistan is to come.

Farage must be wondering how his lifestyle would survive us leaving the EU. If he were forced into a referendum (through none of his doing), maybe he'd campaign clumsily in the hope of keeping his meal ticket!

Eric Edmond said...


I agree. We will certainly have to make a humiliating retreat from Afghan. It has already cost nearly 400 of our young people their lives. We should withdraw immediately.

Oborne makes a good point today that Jelly Boy Dave is being pressured by Obama to support the Eurozone in America's interest. As soon as I saw the Boy saying to the cameras that he was standing up for British interests I knew the exact opposite was the truth.

Agreed re Farage

Eric E