Saturday, 3 December 2011

Will Merkel succeed where Napoleon and Hitler failed?

Since the reign of Elizabeth I British foreign policy has been based on preventing the rise of a single dominant continental power. To that end we fought with the Germans against Napoleon's French Continental system and with the French against the German armies of the Kaiser and Hitler. It has worked for over 400 years but apparently our political elite know better and are actively encouraging the rise of a continental superpower so that they can  speak with a bigger voice on the world stage and satisfy their pathetic egos. The truth is as Elizabeth I and Pitt knew a continental superpower would extinguish the British voice for ever.

We have a chance to use the current Eurozone financial crisis to start to get back some of our sovereignty given away by Heath and his successors but I fear our political leaders are not what they were. Since Margaret Thatcher we have been led by pygmies. The Irish have already found out the extent of Merkel's power when their latest leader Enda Kenny visited Berlin to members of the Bundestag already studying details of the proposed Irish budget which was not due to announced for a month and had not been shown to the Irish parliament. No one knows how this happened!

Merkel holds all the cards now but it will cost her a lot financially and politically to play them. I think she will push it as hard as he can for Germany's advantage and then play her trump and we may well be living under German rule like the rest of Europe for a very long time. Is this what our fathers and grandfathers fought two world wars for?

The only serious opposition to Merkel will come from the bond market and her own electorate. For our sake I hope the bond market wins but its a hope not an expectation. It s impossible to predict what our craven political elite will do to save their own skins.


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