Thursday, 22 December 2011

Send nuclear sub to Falklands says former first sea lord

I was delighted to read in today's DT Lord West, former ruler of the Queen's navy, advocating sending a nuclear sub to the Falklands in response to the Argies latest sabre rattling. I recommended  this action 12 days ago so I feel vindicated.

I picked this up as the certain response to the anti-British propaganda from the BBC on the lines of Britain friendless and isolated in the world as a result of Cameron using the veto in Brussels. The BBC has a lot to answer for. It is institutionally anti-UK and succours and encourages our enemies.

Remember the last Falkand's conflict was triggered by the FCO, the other great anti-UK government institution, withdrawing the one British vessel patrolling off the Falklands and tipping General Galtieri the wink that the UK would not act if he invaded the Falklands. How many lives did that cost?

At least Carrington the Foreign Secretary resigned over the FCO huge mistake but so far no one from the BBC has even hinted they are 'considering' their position. Cameron should be considering it for these overpaid traitors. They do huge damage to our country.

I watch Russia Today and find it gives a more balanced and pro British line than our Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. This evening it ran a twenty minute interview with Dan Hannan where the interviewer asked a question and shut up while Hannan answered and then went on to the next question. A pleasant chnge from the BBC technique of not allowing the interviewee to answer if they are not giving the answer the BBC want. They have the gall to  talk incessantly of their high professional standard of journalism, bollocks I say!

Hannan was excellent. He answered the questions fully and concisely in a pleasant educated style that clearly was winning adherents to the Eurosceptic cause. He is clearly the man to get behind to get us out EU control.

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