Friday, 23 December 2011

What is least worst place to put your dosh?

The answer dear reader is with George Osborne. Now that tells you how bad things really are. I recommended National Savings Index linked certificates about 2 years ago and was taken to task by one of Yeovil UKIP's stalwarts, Michael Canton. Ah Michael I bet you wish you had taken my advice then. Mrs Edmond did and she is now richer than me.

The big boys don't know what to do with their dosh either. The central banks keep printing it, rates keep falling, Gilts now yield 2%! Incredible.Right now its about preserving your dosh so give up any hope of making a real return on your money. If you can just hold onto it you are doing well.

Anyway I am off ski-ing in 15 hours. I may as well spend it now. If I can connect to internet I will try and post from my Alp.

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