Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Our political class unite to defend the Union, can Barroso and his chums not do the same?

If there is one thing worse than the Boy and Millipede disagreeing it is the Boy and Millipede agreeing to gang up to bash Alex Salmond and his SNP.  It reminds me of the old Bernard Manning politically incorrect joke that we should all love each other and then agree to  go out and bash the Pakis. 

The next group to gang up on a minority will be the EU political elite  on the UK Eurosceptics. Barroso, Rumpy and Frumpy will justify anything they do as preserving the Union. When you agree to gang up and kick someone you have to remember you might be the football one day. I would have expected the Boy to have learned that at Slough comp. (A comp as it admits the less able pupil like the British royals.)

This one will run and run. Alex is a consummate politician and the Boy a mere amateur who loses out to French dwarfs, a bit like England's rugby team. I am going to enjoy this!

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