Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Scottish nationalism and referendum and EU referendum and English nationalism

I am puzzled at the boy wading into this one up to his neck. I can only quote from his DT house journal leader today.

"It is true that Mr Cameron is interfering but he is entitled to do so"

" Mr Salmond by contrast is being characteristically manipulative and scheming in his approach"

Two facts seem to have escaped the DT public schoolboy scribblers.

Alex Salmond won an overall majority in the last election on the basis of the SNP manifesto giving his government complete democratic legitimacy. Cameron did not win the election and governs on a rag bag of policies most of which were never put to the electorate.

The SNP manifsto was quite unambiguous that it would hold a referendum in the second half of its term. Exactly what they propose to do!

Cameron is trying to do a Sarkozy and replace democratically endorsed policies by bureaucratic dictat. He best be very careful because the EU will be quick to refer to his undemocratic actions when and if an EU referendum is called in the UK.

I am baffled by Cameron's stupidity. As a Scot I have been frequently accused of sponging and worse on the hard working virtuous English. The sort of statements that had I a deep and dark sun tan would have enabled me to take these English patriots to court and win.

Without Scottish Labour votes and seats the Tories are guaranteed a perpetual majority in England. They should be supporting Alex for all their worth especially if the spongers argument holds true they would be ridding the English taxpayers of a huge financial burden. This may be lost on the boy but its certainly fuelling a huge, and I would say justified. tide of English nationalism to say nothing of the West Lothian question.

On the Labour side the opposite holds true. They need Scottish seats to form a UK government. For that reason they will fight tooth and nail to scupper Alex.  Its sordid party political interest that drives that side of the argument. The Tories only hold one seat in Scotland, abit like in Liverpool. So its Old Etonian arrogance and stupidity versus Labour party interests.

And what about the LibDems? They will side with Labour for the same reasons. The current Scottish Secretary is a Lib Dem. Many like me will remember that before the LibDems and the gang of four there was a Liberal party that had around four MPs for many years with about half coming from Scotland. In the coming LibDem meltdown they will want to preserve their Scottish base!

And what of Alex? He is for my money the ablest political operator current in the UK mainly in comparison with such incompetents as Boy Dave, Millipede, Wee George and Cleggon. Alex will do nowt. He just has to sit there by the side of the Spey and the bodies of his enemies will drift pass one by one. The Tories will still be firmly attached to their salmon rods and Labour to their cloth caps.


Robin Tilbrook said...

Dear Dr Edmond,
Very well said. I have also covered Cameron's intervention from another angle on my blog >>>
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Toque said...

"Without Scottish Labour votes and seats the Tories are guaranteed a perpetual majority in England."

Wrong. See Why Labour doesn't need Scotland

Anonymous said...

always thought the scots got themselves into the union. Always thought it is up to them if the want to leave