Monday, 9 January 2012

Tourettes & Farage's EUKIP

I was mildly amused to watch how quickly the boy Dave moved to retract and apologise for his Tourette.s jibe against Ed Balls. I faced a similar accusation from EUKIP's sometime lawyer Zuckerman at a NEC meeting. It was a lie as I do not nor ever have suffered from Tourette's syndrome.  I have never received an apology from Zuckerman or his then boss Farage.

It is of course deeply hurting to those who do suffer from Tourettes to have their condition used as a term of abuse and insult by the likes of Cameron and Zuckerman.

Serious politicians like Cameron know when to apologise and even Milliband knew when to order Dianne Abbott to apologise to those she insulted.  Farage has shown himself not to be a serious politician ie one the public will treat seriously. Worse, the great British public will never treat EUKIP  as a serious political party whilst he leads it.

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