Thursday, 23 February 2012

Buying time with fake money

I have just returned from a week in the frozen North to find the Eurozone has been saved and as for the Greeks, more poverty. The well being of the peoples of Europe always take second place to the amour propre and vanity of the EU political elite. The so called bail out's money will go direct to the imprudent EU banks whose huge CDS liabilities will not be exposed because so far no default has been declared. This saves the French banks for about 3 months which conveniently just gets past the forthcoming French presidential election which Sarkozy fantasises about winning!

After this I expect Greece and its people will be thrown to the wolves and efforts concentrated on saving the Italy and Spain. Portugal will be expendable.

The price will be revolution in Greece leading to either a military junta or a Communist government with Greece reverting to the drachma eventually.

The moral of this latter day Aesop fable is do not believe a word politicians say.

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Anonymous said...

Is not the main reason that "Euro-money" keeps disappearing into the various black-holes called variously Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain who then, shortly after, need a further transfusion of money is because it is simply being spun around the various Euro-lenders who, themselves, are merely keeping their plates spinning on the receipt of these self-same money. There is NO MORE MONEY, just the appearance of it