Friday, 24 February 2012

Nuttall on Queston Time -better than Farage

I watched Paul Nuttall on QT. I recorded the show and watched him this morning. He was OK. No worse and no better than the other panellists but more important he was more effective than Farage confirming my view that there are many in UKIP capable of performing adequately on QT.

PN was much more measured and far less frenetic than Farage. Sure he missed a few points but most do in that format which is not in fact that difficult to handle. Paxo and Andrew Neil are far harder to cope with. The question topics are vetted by the BBC so the subjects are easy to predict and with five panellists you cannot be grilled over any length of time.

Its difficult to star on QT. Only Starkey, George Galloway, Heffer and Hitchens really wow the audience. PN came slightly unstuck  against Cristina Odone on the subject of Berlusconi. He obviously had not twigged that Cristina is half Italian. Put that with her Oxford intellect and ravishing looks and PN was always going to lose that one but otherwise he did OK.

The only advice I would give him is to lay off the Sun. It may play well still in Liverpool but the rest of the country ain't interested. The guys at the Sun responsible for the Hillsborough coverage are long gone. There is no political mileage in it.

He came across as ordinary and decent unlike NF who dresses like a spiv with his sharp suits and camel hair velvet collared coat. Its an image the BBC loves to promote. Its not so easy for them with PN.

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