Friday, 10 February 2012

Farage, the BBC's useful idiot

I am grateful to Major Warry for reminding me of Lenin's description of UK left wing intelligentsia o the 20s. For Farage the description is self seeking, vain wannabee TV chat show host but still a very useful idiot for the Euro phile and EU financed BBC.  He enables the BBC to tick the eurosceptic balance box whilst doing no harm to the EU cause. and more likely benefiting the EU

Click on the link below to watch NF telling a big porky.

 Farage on Andrew Neil show

Did you spot it. When Jo Coburn asked NF how many women MEPs UKIP has he replied two when any fule do kno there is only one after the Farage assisted exit of Nikki.

My main complaint about Farage is not that he is a poor leader but that he denies media space to those who could make the leave the EU case in a far more professional, well informed and effective manner that could really further our cause and help win UK parliamentary seats. Names like Richard North, Trevor Colman, Nikki Sinclaire etc  spring to mind.

But while Farage sits there smirking in the BBC studios thinking what a terrific media star he is he helps the BBC EU phile cause no end. Note how often the BBC shows clips and pix of Farage in his Arthur Daley camel hair velvet collar coat. Now why do they do that I wonder?

Listen to George Eustice MP on the hour long clip. He used to be a UKIP candidate! His understated remarks show why he is an MP. Compare it to Farages shrill and hectoring manner and you know why he loses parliamentary elections.


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