Thursday, 9 February 2012

BBC protects Farage again!

I switched on the Andrew Neil politics show at 12:00 today to find Farage and my former colleague from the BoE Matthew Hancock on the show.

Jo Coburn asked Farage how many women MEPs UKIP had. Farage replied two which is of course untrue as Nikki Sinclaire left UKIP sometime ago as she did not wish to sit with Farage's EU neo Nazi allies. UKIP has one female MEP, the semi-detached mid European Marta Andreasen. I did email theDaily Politics to point out this untruth but received only the usual non-reply.

It is disappointing given Andrew Neil's careful research for all his interviews. My old buddy Matt Hancock was given a real going over by A Neil in a well researched interview. He did not do well but Farage got the kid glove treatment from the notoriously pro EU Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. Why?

Clearly the BEEB regard Farage as an ally in their pro-EU campaign.  He is pathetic but he does keep people who could do serious damage to the EU off the air which suits the BBC's book. A Neil also interviewed George Eustice, now a Tory MP, but previously a UKIP candidate who gave the game away by pointing out UKIP is really just a Farage cult not a serious political party and thus whilst Farage remains leader the Europhiles can sleep easily .

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