Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How the other half lives, Pensioners & Qatada

Occasionally I have to travel on the local buses from our little village into the mighty metropolis of Yeovil, seat of Law's bum. I learn a great deal from meeting the bus users mainly OAPs and teenagers about the importance of such services.

First, its a social club as much as a transport service. Many of the OAPs live on their own as their spouses have predeceased them and they are delighted to have someone to talk to for the half hour or so. Interestingly it gives the teenagers I chance to talk to their elders and help and learn from them and they obviously enjoy it on both sides.

These OAPs are frozen during this cold spell. There were tales of burst pipes and incredibly cloths frozen in their washing machines. They were all burning all the heating they had, central, coal & wood and even electric. They remain cheerful but incredibly our callous LibDem council is proposing further cuts to this essential service. It takes these OAPs into Tescos and Marks where they can buy basic food and clothes.

Would it not be better to cut Laws' parliamentary expenses instead? Laws is in deep electoral trouble thanks to his exposure in the DT expense fiddles. I hope he gets kicked out next time.

The other thing that shocked me was a headline in one paper today saying we were paying millions of pounds a year for police to protect this foreigner Qatada. What on earth for? He entered our country illegally. He is not a  citizen. He is entitled to no more police protection than any other citizen ie not a lot unless you are a member of the royal family or our self serving political elite!

If his statements create anger and make him likely to be attacked then he has a perfectly simple low cost and effective remedy. Shut up!

I have no doubt the bleeding heart LibDems and the boy will wring their hands and agonise about sending him back to Jordan where he belongs and of course do nothing. That's the people the UK electorate voted for.They are the guilty men and women who do not stand up to defend our country or its people . 


Anonymous said...

I guess the police guarding Al-Qatada also stop him from commiting crime.
If he is here, he should be guarded (it works both ways protecting us from him and vice a versa).

Of course he should be deported straight

No non UK citizen who calls for killing people because of the religious beliefs should be allowed to stay in the UK

Eric Edmond said...

I dont think he is likely to personally commit crime. He is too smart for that. He incites others to commit atrocities.