Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trevor Colman lays out how we extricate our country from the EU

Today I received two communications re UK membership of the EU. One by email came from th-eu-nit.com, Trevor Colman's unit that publishes facts relating to the many costs and few benefits of UK membership of the EU. Its an excellent piece of work, click here to view. Its the best and most concise summary I have ever seen and heard on what EU membership costs the UK. I congratulate all involved in its production. Please view it and circulate it as widely as possible to any of your friends who are interested.

The second communication I received was Farage's EUKIP so called Independence magazine. It included voting papers for yet another set of constitutional changes whose sole and only objective is to tighten the Farage cabal's grip on EUKIP the same way the EU is remorselessly tightening its control of our country. 

If you are not in receipt of a copy I suggest you contact David Callice at mail@ukip.org and ask him to send you a copy. You can then compare the content and production for yourself of these two anti EU publications and judge for yourselves on who is more likely to get our country back for our children and grandchildren.

Trevor was like Nikki, Mike Natrass, Del Young, Martin Haslam and many others kicked out of UKIP for daring to question Farage, his motives and associates in relation to the EU.


John Page said...

Fine. Do I see a party developing a truly Conservative agenda on UK issues as well as an anti-EU position?

That would be far more productive than being a collection of independents, or (pointlessly) taking scattered potshots at UKIP under NF from the sidelines, which doesn't resonate with voters at all.

NF can ignore scattered such small arms fire. He couldn't cope with another anti-EU party developing a coherent domestic agenda.

The party would be pro-withdrawal and pro a domestic "Conservative" agenda, and not concentrate on the sterile approach of being anti-UKIP.

UKIP would then start to wither, but that wouldn't be the main point.

Eric Edmond said...


I don't think getting trapped in a left wing right wing argument will help us get out of the EU. If the Labour party said it would withdraw I would vote for them. Its an argument that has to be won over the whole of the UK electorate.

It would be great to have a leave the EU party not aligned with either left or right. UKIP is an unwholesome collection of broken down ex-Tories some of whom fancy a go on the EU gravy train plus a load of juvenile wannabee MEPS who are there for the same reason.

Eruc E

John Page said...

The point is that leaving the EU isn't one of the biggest political issues to most people. Any party which just concentrates on that will stay confined to the sidelines.