Friday, 23 March 2012

All quiet on the Euro front

The Eurocrats want us to believe the Euro crisis is over. Not so. They have printed an extra trillion Euro to keep there many dodgy banks afloat on central bank loans because no one else will lend to them. As a 16th century English poet wrote:

Venice spent what Venice earned
but oh what a time there will be
When the kissing had to stop.

Indeed for kissing read money printing and for stop read pay back.

I watched part of the budget debate which encapsulated everything that is wrong with our undemocratic party dominated system which is run purely for the benefit of self seeking politicians. I was impressed with Millipede's challenge to the coalition cabinet, Hands up those who are better of as a result of the cut in the top tax rate. To say the government front bench were discomfited is to put ir mildly!

I would welcome the chance to put a similar question in a public forum to the EUKIP cabal. Hands up all those taking money from the EU. Well all of them are with Farage's wife also getting in on the EU gravy train. No one will ever get a chance to put this question when it matters to the Cabal. In EUKIP democracy all embarrassing questions are weeded out and the Cabal only answers questions they want to answer. That encapsulates everything that is wrong with EUKIP.

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