Tuesday, 27 March 2012

We need another chartist movement

I have written little recently on the Eurozone since it became clear that the EU and the UK are intent on following the Robert Mugabe solution to our economic problems, print money and debase the currency. This leads to inevitable hyper inflation, civil unrest and revolution and brings to power extremists of the worst sort. For the ordinary people the only rational course of action is to hold as little currency as possible and hold your wealth in real assets, property, gold and equities in solid corporates.

Richard North in his excellent blog today calls for a chartist movement outside of the outmoded and useless party system. Click on link to read it and sign up for Richard's meeting. Like me Richard  sees we can never hope to change things using party politics. Witterings of Witney, click on link to read summarises it beautifully

It is all very well campaigning for the laudable aim that those who govern us should be able to be 'hired and fired' by the electorate - but what is the point of exchanging one set of 'central controlists' for another; in other words what is the difference between a collection of dictators who cannot be hired and fired and the alternative who can? We still end up with dictators.

The fact all present appeared to accept that continuation of representative democracy was the only form of democracy available and was therefore a 'given' was depressing in the extreme, likewise the failure of those calling for a referendum who appeared to have committed the political sin of not thinking through that which they propose.

Included in the all present was Bannerman. Nuff said.

We don't have any choice. Those at the top in the Tory party are interchangeable with those at the top in the Labour party. Richard North's suggestion at least offers the chance to break the lock the party system has on our country. Note all UK parties are committed to supporting  the EU even EUKIP!

This is why when I stood for the UKIP SW slate I stated I wanted to see the UK run like Switzerland where there is no political class or boy politicians but there is frequent and binding referendums on any government proposals affecting any  aspect of Swiss citizen's lives.

But our system has served us so well for so many years comes the cry. Well it has certainly served the political class brilliantly and kept them in power since Cromwell. But what of the ordianry people? Which is the best run and wealthiest country in Europe? Switzerland! Which country has avoided wars for 300 years? Switzerland! That is what I want for the UK. Let us get rid of Lords and ladies, Queens and princes, MPs and MEPs. Switzerland has shown you don't need them to run a modern democracy.

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Greg_L-W. said...


as you said it became clear that the EU and the UK are intent on following the Robert Mugabe solution to our economic problems, print money and debase the currency

but you overlook a further similarity in style of Governance and that is the all too badly hidden malevollent presence of China in the money supply of both Mugabe's Zim & the experimental EU and its paper currency unsupported by any meaningful trade!

Oh so very similar! Two corrupt regimes with no democratic legitimacy or meaningful future!