Friday, 13 April 2012

Andy Pandy does not like Farage either

It never ceases to amaze me how the UKIP rank and file cannot see Farage's EUKIP is just a useful tool of the Tories for which Mr Farage hopes he will receive his red leather reward from a grateful Dave.

Its particularly galling when these ex-Tories are installed in key positions on Farage's say so and any who oppose him like me are fitted up by the Tory plants who are then able to rejoin the Tories as Bannerman did and now Pandya, Farge's much heralded head of research of one years standing, has just done.

Click on link  to read his critique of Farage on the Daily Torygraph blog entitled 'Why no decent Tory should vote UKIP'. I suppose there are some decent Tories but none would ever join  UKIP. Andy Pandy is right in that respect! Its just the sort of person Nigel Farage   likes. 

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