Sunday, 15 April 2012

Independent is the best candidate for London Mayor

There was a great piece in Saturday's Telegraph by Cristina Odone, one of my favourite females, on the independent 41 year old independent London mayoral candidate, Siobhan Benita. Unlike Farage's female fluff heads Mrs Benita as well as looking good is the real deal. She comes with a ringing endorsement from Gus O'Donnell the former cabinet secretary with whom she used to work. The bookies are taking her very seriously with her odds coming down from 500/1 to 66/1. Still an outsider but she might well beat the EUKIP candidate.

She is what the UK needs a genuine independent pragmatic experienced candidate not beholden to party dogma. She has 15 years plus of solid Civil Service experience  ie she knows how the system works and how to run an administrative machine. She is clearly the equal of BoJo intellectually and in political experience and miles ahead of the newt fancier, PC Plod  and the rest of the bunch.

Three other things impress me about Mrs Benita:

She has resigned a good job and given up an outstanding civil service career to run for mayor.

She is not a single issue politician and lives a very normal life in touch with ordinary people and she refused a largish donation of £10000 to her campaign. EUKIP's many crypto Tories describe her  as a commie and the rest of their usual smears. She is nothing of the kind. She is a woman of common sense, integrity and experience. You can't say that about EUKIP can you!

Best of all she has published her last year's tax return on her website. Her earnings were £67690 on which she paid tax of £17000. She puts mealy mouthed politicians like Farage and Livingston who suddenly become very coy about their earnings when asked to publish them to shame. 

If I had a vote in the London election I would vote for her. She is a breath of fresh air and holds out our hope of freeing ourselves from the shackles of party politics.

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