Monday, 30 April 2012

French don't like the Euro either

I was surprised to get the above reaction from many French I spoke to recently. The are getting very annoyed about being bossed around by the strutting arrogant Germans who don't know the price of Camembert. There is clearly a huge groundswell of public opinion which the EU political elite is successfully suppressing. What is Fartage doing to combat this? Well not a lot.

I set up a satellite dish in France to watch UK TV and found myself watching a programme on military history made by  Saul David. His thesis was it is logistics that win wars and if the General cannot get his troops to the battlefield rapidly fed, watered, clothed, armed and trained with all the equipment they need to fight the enemy then he would lose. Leaders need to be managers was Prof David's thesis and it is as true of political leaders as its is of Generals.

This is EUKIP's huge weakness. It is an untrained, unprepared shambles which is currently throwing away the huge advantage anti-EU parties currently have.

Who is in charge of EUKIP's training in EUKIP policies? The last leader had not even read the manifesto! Who chooses the ground EUKIP will fight on both physically and politically? Mr Fartage chooses the constituency he wants to fight on the basis of maximising his own personal publicity. He does not attempt to build up his vote in one constituency. He jumps from on constituency to another and  consumes an inordinate amount of EUKIP resources. Are you surprised he gets trounced when people perceive him for what he is an unprincipled opportunistic carpet bagger. Peter Kellner is right when he says EUKIP will not win a Westminster seat next time but Galloway and Lucas will retain their seats. That is a strong statement from an eminent pollster.

You fight on ground you have prepared and where you are strong. You build up your activist strength and keep them in the party not kick them out. Mr Fartage is a bit like a paranoid, Stalinist,  communist dictator purging the party officer corps to indulge his own many fears and inadequacies and surrounding himself with lick spittle sycophants and incompetents. Armies led in this manner lose as do political parties. Comical Ali would have fitted well into EUKIP!

Good politicians build up and train their forces properly. They prepare carefully their policy positions and keep the debate on issues of their choosing. They build up team spirit by loyalty to their activists and supporters. they avoid the too many Chiefs not enough Indians syndrome. They can detect lack of knowledge, ability and commitment and hence avoid the Bannermans and Andreasens. They avoid like the plague those like the Hamiltons who make EUKIP a sitting duck for their opponents to attack.

They build up a strong and resilient management structures staffed with experienced talented people. They concentrate their resources at their strong points and the oppositions week points.  They work hard and concentrate on detail. They give credit to their team not themselves.

Does this sound like Mr Fartage to you?  He is throwing away the best chance we will ever have to get out of the EU to pander to his own selfish publicity seeking ends. Its organisation and commitment which wins not prima donnas.


Anonymous said...

Farage sounds like Nick Griffin's 'Alter ego'.
Can this coincidence really be accidental? Or are they both state agents?

John Page said...

It's no skin off Farage's nose as long as people keep sniping at UKIP and don't get a rival together.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mr Page but all credible independent internal EUKIP riva;s to Fartage have been purged by the sycos just as G Brown did in Labour 5 to 10 years ago. That ended in defeat and Millipede 2.