Sunday, 29 April 2012

We have been conned by the EU philes for over 40 years

Chris Booker in his piece in today's Sunday Telegraph headlined, "Europe alienates us all-as foretold 40 years ago" recounts details from an FO document he found 10 years ago then released under the 30 year rule. It was a confidential FO memo written in 1971 entitled 'Sovereignty and the Community", FCO folder 30/1048. Its an excellent article and is positively chilling to read.

The memo predicted it would take the British people 30 years to wake up to the real nature of Heath's European project. In that sense given reasonable usual confidence limits on the precise timing it foretells the rise of UKIP  and the populace feeling alienated from government  as Community law trumped UK law and power passed from Westminster to Brussels.

It outlines the duty of politicians, " not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures to the Community". As Booker writes, 'Politicians of all parties should be careful to conceal the fact that controversial laws originated in Brussels. By this means it might be possible to preserve the illusion that the British government was still sovereign, "for this century at least"- by which time it would no longer be possible for us to leave.'

I was working in the Civil Service at the time and I can vouch for this being the mandarins accepted creed. Cynical? Well at that time the other big government problem was Northern Ireland to which the mandarin's policy was  keep the lid on and by 2000 the Catholics will have out bred the Protestants and the problem will have disappeared. Equally cynical but now of course an unforseen new, fast breeding, alien,  population has arisen on the UK mainland which will sweep Sir Humphrey and his mandarins away and install a Caliphate eventually. The Rolls Royce minds of the FCO are not omniscient after all.

We are no longer an elected democracy. We are governed by unelected and unaccountable officials in Brussels who can replace our government any time they choose just as they did in Greece and Italy last year. Cameron's coalition is going down the same path with more and more power handed to  Sir  Humphrey.

Finally the shrewd official that the people should be given the chance to vote for impotent but well paid representatives who would be irrelevant, meaningless and no threat to Sir Humphrey. So he predicted the EU's camouflage need for Mr Fartage and his EUKIP ilk. Clever man but who was he? That interesting bit of information has been redacted and we will have to wait another 60 years to find out.

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Edward Spalton said...

It is good that this Foreign Office document is at last receiving an airing in the national mainstream media. It has only been publicly available for ten years! I have occasionally managed to get quotations from it in letters to local papers.

"Localism", devolution, regionalisation and indeed "independence in Europe" for Scotland are all mere toys to distract people from their powerlessness in face of the all-powerful EU, which is mostly invisible because it acts through the governments of member states..

Another significant ideology driving the Project can be found on

Click on "Nazi Regions". It is a translated report from a young German journalist whom I have known for ten years - so not the views of some beastly Brit who hasn't got over the war!