Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fartage, the Tory mole in UKIP

News that Fartage is concocting yet another deal with his Tory friends can come as little surprise to those who know him. The deal of UKIP not putting up candidates to oppose allegedly Eurosceptic Tories is the same one Pearson, another old Tory, was pushing before the last General Election. That undermined the campaign of half a dozen good UKIP candidates in the West country but what did Pearson care.

You need allies in politics but the time to do it is after not before the election where Clegg and Cam have shown parties can do what they like and don't have to worry about the electors for another 5 years. Fartage's stupid strategy just costs UKIP votes. It of course brings his bum nearer the red leather he salivates after.

When I used to be invited to speak on UKIP platforms I was asked from the floor the question should UKIP members vote for such Tories in preference to UKIP candidates in Tory marginals. I replied look at history. Who took us into the Common Market? The Tories. Who signed the various treaties since then extending EU powers? The Tories. Who got us into the Euro's precursor the ERM and bankrupted us in the process? The Tories.

The answer is self evident. Vote Tory if you want to get the UK further embedded in the EU mire. That must by now be obvious to even the dimmest Fartage supporter. 

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