Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How EUKIP is as undemocratic as the EU

I do not call Mr Fartage Cabbage's cult EUKIP without good reason. The similarities are considerable and the differences few. Both are ruled by a self perpetuating elite. Both claim to be democratic but as Goebels said if you are going to tell a lie tell a big one. In fact the EU is more democratic than EUKIP in the sense it allows the idiotic Cabbage air time to slag off Barroso, Van Rumpy, Frumpy etc. No one is ever given platform time at an EUKIP event to criticise the ruling cabal. Useful idiots are of course frequent platform speakers at EUKIP events and welcomed.

EUKIP's Fartage controlled NEC plays an exactly similar role to the European Parliament. Both are powerless organisations whose function is to rubber stamp decisions made elsewhere and hence give the rulers the imprimatur of democracy.

EUKIP's so called democratic MEP  representatives will now be solely chosen by Mr Fartage. Even the Tories do not allow Dave to control their choice of MP candidates. That's why Warsi had to be sent to the Lords. No constituency would have her. She was unelectable.

EUKIP has no such problems. Its branches, that match parliamentary constituencies, thanks to voting through the latest Fartage  'modernising' changes to the EUKIP rule book they have given away their powers just like the ruling UK elite gave away our country to the EU. Yet these are the people who claim they were conned by Heath. Can they not see that they are being conned even more by Fartage?

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