Tuesday, 22 May 2012

An In Out EU Referendum is closer than you think!adio

Staying in France for a few days  has given me a new perspective on the UK EU relationship. Clearly Boy Cameron is in deep trouble on many fronts. Deciding to have an EU referendum would provide a welcome distraction for him and Millipede junior. It would take the electorate's mind off other problems like unemployment and austerity. Millipede junior picked up on this quicker than the Boy so we are close to having a cross party consensus on this issue.

The UK referendum will be run against a huge BBC orchestrated scare story of the dire fate that awaits us if we leave the EU.  Its the same tactic that is being used in the Greek election rerun. The EU will win this and the Greeks will continue to leave their impoverished country taking their money with them. The EU will also win the UK referendum and we will soon be just an EU region. There is no effective opposition to the EU in the UK.

As we drove back on  Sunday night from the ferry I listened to Radio 4 on Greece leaving the Euro. John Redwood obviously listened to it as well and wrote, "BBC’s Analysis revisted the issue of Greece leaving the Euro zone last night. It was a topical and sensible decision to make such a programme. It is just a pity it was so poorly researched, offering so much time to people who think the exit of Greece is both illegal and likely to prove disastrous."

Quite! That's what we will be faced with. Do you really think Fartage and his associates will be able to rebut that especially when the Beeb pulls the plug on Fartage's many TV appearances. I don't think so. As John Lawrie used to say in Dad's Army you are doomed.

The only possible saviours will be the Tory sceptics but they will be outnumbered and out manoeuvred by Dave's new LibLabCon coalition.

The issue will have been settled for the next 25 years and Fartage and his Cabal will be consigned to the trash can of history. 

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Ira Morse said...

Yes, I heard about Greece leaving the Euro Zone, then what happens next? Business bankruptcies, market turmoil, and political backlash?

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