Monday, 14 May 2012

Green's Caroline Lucas shows EUKIP how to lead

I switched on Radio 4 this morning to hear that Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green party would not contest the next Green leadership election in September as the party had plenty of talent that deserved a chance to appear on the national media. How refreshing! Its a pity EUKIP's Fartage cannot do the same.

There is a lot of talent in UKIP at the branch level but it simply is never given a chamce to appear on the big stage because of Fartage, his third rate aristos, third rate naive, dodgy self anointed media celebs, bimbos and sordid collection of Cabal sycophants.

Ms Lucas has lead the Greens for two terms since she was first elected as the parties solo leader in 2008. So the democratic Greens, like the US Congress, have elections every two years. That helps keep the leader in touch with the led and reduces the chance of cult leaders developing. Perhaps something for EUKIP to consider. Fat chance!

All very egalitarian but it also gets results. In May 2010 Ms Lucas was elected  MP for the Brighton Pavilion Westminster constituency. Compare that with Fartages's record of serial failure in British Westminster elections. The same happened in the recent London mayoral where the Greens got twice as many votes as Fartage's new professional EUKIP, sycophants only, party.

The Greens have kept faith with their cause. Their leaders are in politics to promote their cause. They have decent leaders the voters identify with and like. They run Brighton council. How many councils does EUKIP run? None! The Greens are winners. EUKIP are losers.

EUKIP's hierarchy are there for the EU money. They are losers and always will be. I pray the membership sees the light about Mr Fartage otherwise we are doomed to be ruled from Brussels by Barroso and his ilk for a very long time.

Good leadership and a collegiate approch such as the Greens have plus a solid democratic constitution could turn UKIP into a winner. Will it happem under Mr Fartage? Not a hope.

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