Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lords reform, referendums and Mr Fartage

As I will be off to La Belle France and incommunicado for a while I thought it best to jot down my thoughts on the above current topics.

Mr Fartage is very interested in putting his name forward for a place in Dave & Nick's elected second chamber. For why? Well Nick like Lib Dems since Joe Grimond wants it to be done on proportional representation to ensure the Lib Dems will hold the balance of power by hoovering up the votes of those who cannot make up their minds between Con and Lab. 

There is another more sordid interest that appeals to Mr Clegg and even more to Mr Fartage. The electorate would not be voting for a representative but for a party. The party then chooses who represents the electorate by compiling a list of 'party approved' candidate. So he who controls the party chooses the 'representatives'  of the people. And who controls UKIP. Simples, its Mr Fartage! That's how we end up with the Cabal dross who appear as UKIP MEPs

Note how badly Mr Fartage has done in elections where his name has appeared alone on the ballot paper despite huge amounts of UKIP funds have been expended on fighting Fartage elections. In the most recent, Buckingham, Mr Fartage came a poor third behind a Tory loathed by his party and an Independent of all things. Nigel has got the message but have the poor saps who make up the UKIP rank and file? Nigel cannot win a  election in which he is put to the people as the candidate. The people don't like or trust him.

It is steadily becoming more certain there will be a so called in or out of the EU referendum put to the British people as a way of shutting up the Eurosceptics for a generation. The Europhiles are increasingly confident they can easily win such a suitably biased vote because of the low grade opposition they face like Mr Fartage's Cabal.

Their tactics will be the sort of negative campaigning that wins in the US. There will be an intensive examination of Mr Fartage's history, statements and associates. I have no doubt this will not help UKIP's out campaign, rather the opposite. He is as his personal election results show not liked by UK electors. Once the media negative campaigning has finished demolishing Mr Fartage,  UKIP's campaign, if it indeed manages to mount one, will be lying in the gutter along with Mr Fartage..

That is why UKIP must change its leader asap. To go into a serious campaign fight with Mr Fartage as leader is to face certain defeat. 

I care about getting our country back by leaving the EU. We have not a hope of achieving this while Mr Fartage and the Cabal dross remain running UKIP for their own selfish ends.

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