Thursday, 10 May 2012

Eurozone melt down imminent

The bookies are no longer taking bets on Greece being the first country to leave the Eurozone. The Greek political situation looks insoluble. Every time the krauts open their mouths the Greek lets default our debts parties gain support. Greek 10 year rates are now 24.4%. Spain with its banking property crisis is at 5.99% and Italy is at 5.67%. These are near crisis rate levels but the real crunch will come on the streets teaming with young unemployed.

So where does that leave the UK? The UK is still in a big mess financially. Cast iron and his fag wee George are in trouble with their Lib Dem chums and their loony tunes but the Lib Dems know this is their only chance to get some of their long cherished ideas into law before the electorate kick them out for a generation. Its difficult to work with these people in this situation, just hope for things to get better.

So where will EUKIP be when the break comes given they cannot even get their candidates on the ballot paper correctly.

My wife asked me as we ate tonight what makes a good leader. I thought a bit and replied two things. An ability to get disparate people working for a common aim and end. Second, the ability to pick good people and allow them to perform. Hence Eisenhower was chosen to head up the invasion of Europe in 1944 not the prima donas like Montgomery or Patton but he got both these generals into the best slot for them to achieve the goal, the invasion of Europe and the defeat of Germany.

Nigel Fartage fails both these tests. He can only work with talentless sycophants who pander to his prima donna tendencies. He cannot even find and employ a competent clerk. EUKIP is highly unlikely to progress while he remains leader. 

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