Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Queen's non-speech

If you like Gilbert & Sullivan you will love the Queen's speech. I agree with the Beast of Bolsover. Its just a load of flunkey's brown nosing. The real problem is the UK's relationship with the EU and the coming Euro melt down. Did that get a mention? Of course not! Its a pity Betty von Battenberg has not yet twigged the real head of state, who controls UK sovereignty is called Barroso.

Good to read in Junius how Farage's EUKIP are still cocking it up in a true professional manner. Running in London as the "Fresh choice for London party". A well known party that only 2% of the voters supported. I have known for a long time that Mr Fartage was not keen on Lawrence Webb or Gerard Batten but surely sabotaging the London Mayoral campaign is carrying petty rivalry too far!

The Eurozone progresses to melt down. As I have opined before its who controls the streets of Athens and the other PIGS capitals that will decide the fate of the Euro and hopefully the EU.

Meanwhile Dave & Nick like Mr Fartage occupy themselves with constitutional reform aimed at keeping them in power. For what? None of them have the slightest idea how to solve the UK's problems which are now coming to ahead in our great Northern cities, places where Old Etonians seldom venture and then only with well armed body guards. 

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dan said...

Keep slagging Farage, but he's a one man band in exposing the EU disaster. He's asked for effective help, but he isnt getting it from the snipers in the background.