Sunday, 6 May 2012

Warsi dishes out Cabal treatment to EUKIP

I was vastly amused to see how EUKIP reacted to Tory co-chairman Warsi linking them to the BNP.  EUKIP's so called press officer, Gawain Towler, called Warsi a bitch on Twitter. EUKIP's Cabal have never hesitated to smear others with the BNP label. As with all bullies they can dish it out but can't take it themselves. Warsi made a perfectly fair comment supported by fact.

"Tetra Strategy, a PR agency, founding partner James O’Keefe said that Warsi’s comments were ‘quite an interesting observation’.
‘The bitch comment for me turns focus onto Ukip and a test for them - if they are a serious political party they need to fire this spokesman,’ said O’Keefe."

Mr Fartage attempted to excuse Towler's behaviour to Andrew Neil on today's Daily Politics. Mr Towler is a long time Fartage sycophant and is no different from the others who suck up to Nigel in hope of preferment. They are the reason EUKIP will never win a Westminster seat.

It is not the first time Towler has embarrassed EUKIP and his master Fartage. Click on link to read but possibly more damaging to EUKIP click on this link.

The more  EUKIP is perceived as a threat to the Tories the more Mr Towler and his ilk along with Mr Fartage will come under greater media scrutiny. It will give Dave's malcontents something to do instead of kicking Dave.

As for the results, EUKIP did not gain a single extra councillor and polled 2% in the London mayoral election. I gather EUKIP did not even manage to get their name on some London ballot papers.Mr Fartage even tried to evade responsibility for that. Well who else is there to blame?


Anonymous said...

Well..Warsi is a bitch isnt she? She was just "Bitching" and putting the oar in trying to suggest that BNP losses were in some way UKIP gains in relation to bums on seats.
That to me is being a bitch (im sure he didnt mean to call her a female dog did he??)

To me she is also reasonably ugly hehe

Eric Edmond said...

And what word would you apply to Towler, A Fuller, M Croucher etc?