Wednesday, 12 September 2012

EU takes control of London Banking

That was the gist of the DT story today I read today on my return from France. Why am I not surprised? I wrote in this a year ago this would happen. It has been an EU aim for many years and now UK banks greed have presented the EU with an open goal. The usual suspects are demanding a full scale parliamentary debate but as always Cam and biggot fancier Clegg are on the EU's side.

I note the DT discussing the three front runners for the big Gov job. I know two of them but I have never met AdairTurner who presided over many of the regulatory failures. GOD  invented the failed tri-partite regulatory system. Diamond Bob's mate, my old boss Libor Tucker, makes up the shortlist. Failure pays big in the UK establishment. Oh for a banking Andy Murray! Come back Fred the Shred.

I read NF has been boasting of collecting £2 mn in expenses from the EU. That's what being an MEP is all about! The only way onto a UKIP MEP list is to suck up to NF. UKIP is indeed blessed to have so many with brown rings round their noses ensuring no shortage of suitable candidates.

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