Monday, 17 September 2012

We demand a referendum

My UKIP subscription falls due in September. I have always renewed it more in hope than expectation but also as there was no alternative for voting against our EU membership. There is a alternative now and I will be taking it and not renewing my UKIP sub! Nikki Sinclaire has got the, "We Demand a Referendum" party up and running. Click on link to read about it.

It is using the successful campaign format developed by Jimmy Goldsmith in 1997 which cost the Tories a lot of seats. In the South West, my region, the new parties' lead candidate will be the glamorous, talented and charismatic Katie Hopkins a star of the TV apprentice program. What a change from Farage's tired old political hacks like the Hamiltons and political non entities like William Legge. I urge everyone in the UK to vote for this new party in the Euros and sweep away the old corrupt political system which has been such a disaster for our country since 1900.

Referendums return political power to where it belongs, the people. It limits and removes power from the political class and political con men like Nigel Farage. They are not perfect but have delivered for Switzerland the best run country in Europe for the last 400 years. It must be worth a try. The political class and BBC led media and all political parties will of course unite against this proposal. Turkeys don't vote for Xmas but their united opposition is a sure fire sign it is the right thing to do to save our country.

This new party stands for a clear deliverable result. UKIP stands only for fattening the bank accounts of Farage and his cabal of placemen.

On the subject of the next  BoE governor, Libor and Diamond Bob was not Paul Tuckers only faux pas. Click on link to read about his private transactions.

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Anonymous said...

You must be joking?! The party is a joke!

Maybe you would change your mind after seeing this?