Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What UKIP should be doing right now but are not

I have written at least twice pointing out that there will be a referendum on our EU membership sooner rather than later. The Tories are increasingly Eurosceptic party impossible to lead by Europhile Dave. The coalition exacerbates this problem as it gives the Europhile Lib Dems far more ministerial jobs than their MP numbers or talent deserves. This leaves Dave with a horde of dis-satisfied young Turks on his back benches that he cannot control with prospects of preferment to ministerial office. For Dave the only way of lancing this boil is a 'fixed' in out EU referendum.

My close neighbour Paddy Pantsdown picked up on this at the Lib Dem conference yesterday. "Prepare for EU referendum" was how the DT  entitled its report. He claims a referendum is 'unstoppable' and became inevitable when Dave used the UK veto to stop an EU plan on the Euro crisis. I have given the reasons above however why Dave was forced to do this. Paddy wants the LibDems to begin campaigning for an 'In' vote and he ' remains very confident they will win provided it is "in or out" and not on treaty change.'

I agree with Paddy that time is short and those of us who want out of the EU should be working hard right now for such a referendum starting of course with the question on the ballot paper. As in 1975 it will not be a fair contest. The EU, the Beeb, the TUC and the CBI, an unholy alliance if ever there was one, will pour money in to finance pro EU propaganda. We have to be smart and well financed to combat this juggernaut and  the UK courts to ensure a fair contest and that won't come cheap.

We will need talented and able people to put forward the 'Out' case. This is our once in a lifetime chance. An 'Out' vote would render the political parties impotent and ensure repeal of the 1972 European Act. We have got to put all the effort money and talent we have into this campaign.

Will UKIP do this? Not a chance with Farage in charge. His one and only concern will be to ensure he and his dodgy associates are re-elected back on the EU gravy train in 2014. The whole thrust of UKIP's effort will be to elect this sordid cabal back on the EU payroll for another 5 years. Even if they won all 76 UK MEP seats it would not advance our cause to leave the EU one iota. All it would achieve is to boost Mr Farage's bank balance.

An 'Out' vote by the UK electorate in a referendum is our only chance in our undemocratic, party manager controlled political system. Farage and his motley talentless crew of placemen are simply not fit for this crucial task. We will need people of real ability from all walks of life, academic, business, trade unions, military and media not fourth raters and never wozzers.

Nikki is running a we want a referendum campaign. She is pushing at a half open door. She works hard but cannot possibly lead  the 'Out' campaign in the referendum. Worse, she wants to be re-elected as an MEP. We need a leader untainted by Brussels and its largesse. Click on link to see what Katie Hopkins, Nikki's front candidate did to the Farage's useless  placeman Nuttall and as has been pointed out the UKIP MEP slate top candidates in every region will be Farage appointees endorsed by the Farage controlled NEC.

The EU is weak right now and getting weaker Greece is disintegrating. Catalonia is trying to secede from strike torn Spain. Gaps are showing in the Franco Prussian alliance. In short Euroland is in turmoil. What I time to marshal an anti EU vote!

As my national poet Rabbie Burns vote in his great Scottish battle hymn, Scots wha hae,

 "Now's the time and now's the hour".

Don't lets miss our great opportunity because of a bunch of sordid worthless spivs. Lets start preparing our 'Out' campaign now! I will be saying that to Nikki on Friday 5th October at Central Hall, Westminster.


Sue said...

I've been saying this for months now. We have to get all Anti-EU groups/movements together and just produce some good, honest literature. Stuff leaflets in letterboxes, pay for advertisements. Nobody seems to be moving!

It's fine talking about it constantly but there is a huge section of the population that aren't politically aware and we have to inform them.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree. The main obstacle to achieving this is Nigel Farage who does very well out of the EU as their tame controlled Eurosceptic performing monkey.

Get rid of Farage and his placemen like Nuttall and everything and everyone else will line behind our cause.

Edward Spalton said...

We at CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) made a start towards this back in the Spring with a very successful seminar which, of course, included UKIP people, as well as "usual suspects" from Labour, Conservative and independent standpoints. There needs to be far greater urgency.

We are a completely cross-party group, chaired by Mark Reckless MP (Con) who has put in some good work in the House. One of our members, John Mills of Labour Euro Safeguards, was national agent for the "No" side in the 1975 referendum - so we do not lack for experience! (He runs that firm JML which advertises all sorts of gizmos on TV and display screens in supermarkets)

Please contact via our website at

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you Edward,

I am not keen on MPs, MEPs etc as they can be too easily manipulated by their whips and party managers. I agree we need a cross party approach and Mr Mills is more to my taste. To win this referendum you will need a big war chest and donors with deep pockets. Do you have oe know those people?


Edward Spalton said...


We are working on it but the labourers are few.

Please email me on