Thursday, 27 September 2012

Eurozone problems increase. C4's Crick susses Farage

The historic split between the Protestant hard working countries of Northern Europe, Germany, Holland, Finland & Austria and the Latin Group of Italy, Spain Portugal is showing through. Spain is in a huge mess plus their bank's balance sheets are weighed down with bad property loans that will take over 10 years to run off. The hard line Northerners have told Spain that the European Stability Mechanism, ESM funds, roughly €100bn cannot be used to pay off these legacy debts and hence recapitalize the Spanish banks. Meanwhile the Spanish economy continues to shrink as protests against austerity grow.

The most prosperous region in Spain, Catalonia, wants to secede and join the EU as a separate, independent country. The Catalan government will hold an election next month to seek a democratic mandate for secession.

Eurozone business confidence indicators have sunk to a 3 year low even in Germany. Athens continues to burn and Greek social cohesion is breaking down but still the well fed Eurocrats consider it a price worth paying as of course its not them that's doing the starving.

There was a telling comment from C4's Michael Crick at the end of his interview with Farage. Click on link to see the interview. As Mr Crick perceptively remarked, the higher UKIP rides in the polls the more scrutiny  Mr Farage will come under. As one who served on the UKIP NEC and was kicked off by Farage's cabal, in my case organised by Campbell Bannerman I can give Mr Crick plenty of material. Now which party has Bannerman joined after receiving Farage's blessing to secure his MEP spot?  Andreasen was another Farage nominee. She breached six UKIP electoral rules but was waived through as no 2 on the SE MEP list by Farage supporter and former Tory MP Gill.

If Mr Crick would like to contact me via this blog I will happily put him in touch with those who can  give him plenty of material for a real expose of Farage's UKIP.

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