Sunday, 30 September 2012

Why did Greg Beaman stand down in favour of Nuttal

I have never understood the hold Farage has on people. Greg Beaman came top in NW region as UKIP MEP candidate for the 2009 elections. He stood down within 48 hours leaving Nuttall in the top slot. The late Piers Merchant told me that Mr Beaman had been under pressure from Farage to stand down. I have never understood why given the time and effort Mr Beaman had devoted to winning top spot on the UKIP slate why he then stood down.

It cannot have been financial given 5 years as a UKIP MEP is estimated to be worth one million pounds to your bank balance. So why did Mr Beaman stand down? Answers in the comments section of this blog would be most welcome. He obviously let down those who had voted for him but worse it enormously strengthened Farage's control over UKIP with his unquestioning acolyte Nuttall an MEP and deputy leader.

It has done huge damage to UKIP which is now more than ever the Farage party. It is important now that the UKIP MEP selection round is starting again that party members can be sure the candidates they are voting for are capable of standing up to the pressures and control Farage exerts. The latest changes to the UKIP constitution gives unbridled power over candidate selection to Farage via the UKIP NEC which is dominated by his place men so it is unlikely anyone capable of independent thought will find themselves in the top four slots of any UKIP list

UKIP members should realize how profoundly undemocratic their party is and how much it is under the dictatorship of one man.


Richard Allen said...

To be fair to Greg he did come under considerable pressure from the party leadership and their dirty tricks brigade but like you I have always felt that he was wrong to step aside.

In doing so he did however prove himself unworthy of being a UKIP MEP, after all, if you can't stand up to Farage and his acolytes why should any believe you worthy of a leading role in the fight against the EU.

Eric Edmond said...


Who will now stand up to Farage and his cabal and speak for the many ordinary decent members of UKIP


Gregg said...

There were numerous reasons why I stood down. Yes, there was a dirty tricks campaign, but that was not the primary reason.

I had become disillusioned over the preceeding two years, almost stepping down as RO on several occasions. The main reason I stood for the Euro list was because so many members urged me to stand to keep Nuttall off the top spot.

As soon as I got the result I felt deflated knowing that I was top of the list for the wrong reasons. I knew the only benefit to me would be financial and quickly decided to stand down. Unlike others I wasn't prepared to use UKIP purely for personal gain.

I suppose having principles does make you unfit to be a UKIP MEP.

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Greg. Yes principles are not wanted in UKIP. I still think blocking Nuttall would have done great service to our cause of getting our country back so it would in that sense have been an honourable course to take.

Many of us have suffered from the UKIP dirty tricks brigade so I, David, Deland Martin have a fair idea what you had to take.

I was deselected of the SW MEP list by the Farage cabal. What really worried them was my promise that if elected I would give my entire MEP salary after tax to UKIP. That hit at the heart of Farage's UKIP power base.

Eric E