Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cameron does not have a Wiilie -and it shows

That was the brilliant title of Sue Cameron's piece in today's DT subtitled, The PM needs an enforcer who cna bring order to chaos in the Cabinet. As I wrote earlier whoever let Cam appear with the omnishambles Nicola Murray is not on the our planet. Ms Cameron's thesis is nothing is joined up in Cam's government and worse many departments are pursuing contradictory policies. Mrs T had the oyster eyed Willie Whitelaw to stop this happening and Tony had the Prince of Darkness himself, P Mandelson.

But who does Cam have? Well no one obvious so I guess things will go on as before.

The DT sub-editors were in good form with the Peter Oborne piece entitled Patten personifies everything that is wrong with the BBC elite. They are smug, patronisng, arogant and over paid. Worse, Patten whom the Chinese called Fat Pang wrote avery ill judged reply to Maria Miller the culture secretary who had rightfully expresed  worries about public trust and confidence in the BBC. Arrogance starts at the top in all organisations.

I see my former bank colleague Matthew Hancock is now a PUSSY in the Business Dept after 2 years in the Coomons. I was vilified on the UKIP NEC by Denny for pointing out Mr Gill who waved Andreasen onto the UKIP MEP slate had not evn made PUSSY in 15 years! Denny's problem was he did not know what a PUSSY was. It stands for Parly Under Sec of State.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it might help move Cameron out if we voted in the Police Commissioner election for anyone other than a Tory, Labour, Lib-Dem or UKIP candidate. i.e. the Independent candidate.

May rattle the cages of the political parties

Eric Edmond said...

I completely agree. Having party hacks like Prescott as Commissioners is self defeating. Vote Independent!

Oxo said...

The problem is how many Independents can risk 5 grand.

Eric Edmond said...

Plus the £50 K NEEDED to run campaign