Wednesday, 24 October 2012

EU demands more as Spain and Greece starve

Austerity bites all over Europe but not on the Brussels Strasbourg political elite who have just voted themselves a 6% budget increase thx to the MEPs. How much extra is that for you Mr Farage?

Europe ratchets up grip on Madrid is today's DT business headline. Fat lot of good that will do. Seven of the Spanish autonomous regions are bust and two, Basque country and Catalonia want to seccede. EYou cant get a quart out of a pint pot Mr Barroso.

I loved Quentin Letts desription in the Daily Mail of the Entwistle gutting yesterday. It was full of great phrases, "BBC court eunchs" and ended "George Entwistle seems a likeable enough bloke but he is another chipolata from the managerial sausage factory, not the cultural visionary the BBC needs."

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Anonymous said...

As the Napoleonic EU heads towards the icy resistance of the Club Mediterranean citizens, like the Russians who harried Napoleon's troops to their graves in the snow, the "colleagues" will founder in the course of time.
The UK should hold it's nerve and leave the EU, but Cameron needs balls, and I'm not so sure he possesses them.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree. We have to leave the EU full stop and move on from there. Cameron is a PR man with no core values and porobably no core.

Like you I have used the Napoleon/Hitler invasions of Russia analogy. Both wanted to create a unified Europe. Both failed.

I am reading a good book by Colin Crouch called Post Democracy. Its a tough academic read but thankfully not very long. I knew his wife vaguely when she wasteaching in Oxford. They are both very left wing. He writes well and is very clever. Its worth a look.