Monday, 29 October 2012

The EU is a millstone round our neck

The Yanks used to say hitch your wagon to a a star. The UK political class have hitched us to a lead balloon called the EU. The EU is a contracting market. Car and LCV sales in Southern Europe are down around 40% . That is why Ford are shutting UK factories. Its not leaving the EU that is costing UK jobs its staying in it. Our trade with the EU is profoundly unbalanced in the EU's favour. Netting jobs off I reckon we have exported around 2 million high value manufacturing jobs to the EU.

This January around 35 million Bulgarians and Romanians will be able to come to the UK and compete for work and claim UK benefits for themselves and their children. The latter don't even have to be resident with their parents. Truely the EU has brought great UK benefits to Johnny Foreigner paid for by you and me.

As I noted in my reply to Alan Wood its the UK working class that is taking a huge hit on this. The boss class are OK. They have an unlimited supply of low cost non union labour to boost their profits. Don't believe them when they say leaving the EU will cost jobs. Leaving will create jobs. The only jobs lost will be the gang masters who employ slave Easr European EU labour.

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