Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Greek debt to be writen off soon

Dr Frau Merkel is being urged by her 'allies' to agree to Greek debt relief. Its OK for them its not their money and they don't have to face the German electorate. Spanish banks have been instructed to write down theie property loans by 63%. Any one who thinks that means a load of cheap Spanish re-possessed property will be coming on the market soon is correct. However if you want to buy it you must take a long spoon. Spanish property titles are often not what they seem as a number of my friends will testify too. Caveat Emptor!

 I read the Bank of England will soon double its complement of deputy governors to four. Jobs for the boys! Twenty years ago when the BoE was ten times the size it is now it had one deputy governor, Eddie George. They are obviously adopting the BBC tatics. When the sh*t hits the fan the more deputies the thinner it can be spread.

Re hurricane Sandy where is Julian?

The BBC reports, "More than 30 Conservative MPs are calling for a real-terms cut in the European Union's budget ahead of an important Commons vote on the issue". No change there then.


ALAN WOOD said...

In Round The Horn the proclivities of the two luvvies Sandy & Julian were not apparent to Kenneth Horne.

The British public are unaware of the proclivities of the EU.
Like hurricane Sandy the effect of the EU is about to burst upon on and drown us in unwanted people for whom there are not enough jobs.

But they soon will feel the effects of the EU economy coupled with the effects of over-population.

The anti-EU family need to be ready to harvest the seeds of EU discontent.

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed we must be prepared. The EU and cast iron's coalition are cracking.