Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Coalition loses EU vote by 13

This is great news for all Euro-realists. Ok the majority was only 13 but remember  Heath took us in on a majority of 8 which was bought by the EEC. OK its not binding on HMG but once MPs rebel its always easier the next time. There lies our best chance of repealing Heath's 72 Act. The 1970 election was a disaster for this country. There was a conspiracy between Labour and Tories not to mention Europe. (There were only 4 Liberals then.). Wilson counted on a country pre-occupied eith the World Cup. He was wrong, England got beat by the Huns to whom Heath surrendered 2 years later.

Our West Country Tory MP Dr Sarah Woolaston refused to be bought by whip's promises. There will bemore to follow her. The coalition means Tory whips do not have the bribes to offer their revolting backbenchers who are restrained from expressing their views by the EU worshipping LibDems. Cast irons troubles are coming in battalions. Wait till wee Eck sends round the fiery cross.

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