Thursday, 1 November 2012

Where was Farage during the great debate?

I know last night's defeat of Cast Iron Dave was a petty little thing owing every thing to the worst side of UK party politics, nevertheless it was a Government defeat. No Government likes losing. It undermines its credibility and conjures up images for Dave of a pale man on a pale horse called John Major destroyed by Teflon Tony. It was a good bit of political theatre where every Eurosceptic and fellow traveler could strut their stuff on College Green and in the TV studios up and down the land.

But where was Farage and his bag man Nuttall, the Don Quixote and Pancho Sanchez of UKIP? There were not even seen out in the UK tilting at windmills. I opine they would be in Brussels proping up the EUand the Brussels bars while collecting their 30 pieces of EU silver leaving other better men than they and even Ms Wollaston to carry the flag of our cause. It reminds me of the WWI recruting poster, ' What did you do in the great battle to get our country back Nigel?'

The EU commission is full of very clever operators. They set up the MEP system of d'Hondt voting to ensure there could never be a majority party in their talking shop to oppose their wishes. Divide and rule is policy that has worked for the Eurocrats these 40 years and will go on working. Don Quixote Farage tells the UKIP faithful he is using the EU system against the EU. Poor fools! It's they who via Farage and Nuttall are being used by the EU. I just wish F & N spoke and wrote English as well as the EU bureaucracy and had ten per cent of their political skill!

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