Sunday, 7 October 2012

UKIP's dodgy brigade show up at Nikki's party

I went up to London on Friday to attend Nikki's we want a referendum meeeting. As I got messed around by SW Trains I decided to go by bus so I arrived around 12:30. Bannerman was still hanging around but I am glad I did not have to speak to him. I was told Towler,  UKIP's press officer. and McGough had turned up and been refused admittance. Also that John Moran another Faragista had gained admittance but he was spotted and also ejected. What serious political party sends its representatives to another party's event? None! But for UKIP, wedded to dirty tricks, its par for the course.

There were around 70 attendees. I wish this new party it well. Unlike UKIP it is trying to do something.

The questions from the floor were clearly not selected and managed as at UKIP meetings but they showed the honesty of the attendees. Politically they are a bit naive but who wants more professional politicians?

There will a referendum but when and what will be the question. The Nikki idea of a Royal Commission is also naive. Who chooses the chairman and members of a Royal Commission? The PM who will ensure it is packed with the great and good Europhiles. Think again Nikki.


Oxo said...

I am told they will not be doing any deals. That's a plus in my book.
Sadly though their first elections will be the Euros. That will get them nowhere. If they are a real political party there is only one way-from the grass roots up and that means next year's local elections.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed. Its not ideal but its better than doing nothing.