Monday, 8 October 2012

Nikki's WDAR party - further thoughts

This is a party dedicated to real democracy for real people not political wannabees. I well remember in 1972 Heath rejecting the many calls for a referendum from all sides of the political spectrum saying it was a matter for MPs in parliament. The only time he ever got remotely near the truth was when he said that if we had a referendum on the  Common Market what was the point in being an MP? Exactly. Allowing referendums would take power away from the political class and give it to the people which is the answer to a question asked from the floor on Friday as to why politicians hated referendums.

Nikki's party is the only vehicle available to us to restore power to the people and deserves to be supported for this alone.

It of course also provides a splendid vehicle for Nikki to be re-elected as an MEP. That is a necessary evil in my book but she does of course spend most of her MEP dosh to further our cause. Ask how much Farage has given to UKIP? I can recollect one donation of £1000 made under duress. I reckon UKIP's MEPs have received around £50 million from the EU since 1999. Where has this money gone? What has been achieved? Well nothing for our cause but a very lucrative living for Farage and his chums. As Napoleon said, 'politics is the only area ability and talent is not required to succeed'. Farage and his cabal daily prove the truth of this remark.

Elected representatives provide a democratic mandate for the MEPs or MPs views. The problem is these views most often conflict with the views and interests of the electors other than at election time when they miraculously converge for a brief 3 week period. Thereafter the elected representative can ignore the views and interests of his electors where they do not support his own views.

Does it have to be this way? Not nowadays with the Internet polls of the populace's views can easily be held but our MPs can just as easily ignore these as they have done over the EU. No, the only way is to adopt the Swiss system and legislate that if a petition is presented with say 1 million signatures demanding a referendum to change an existing or proposed government policy then such a referendum must beheld and the result would be binding on the government. Its perfectly feasible after all Downing Street already has set up its petition web site. It is a week thing and the MPs are not even obliged to hold a debate let alone bind the government but it is a start and we should work on expanding it.

The Swiss have shown it works at all levels, national, cantonal and local. It has delivered for the Swiss the highest standard of living and best run country in the world. There is a statistical reason for this. It has been well established in many fields that the average view of ordinary people is always superior to that of self appointed experts.

Support Nikki's initiative! Its a start to turning our country into another country like peace loving prosperous Switzerland.


Oxo said...

But Switzerland has no MEPs because it doesn't need them. What good will MEPs do to provide a change to our governance? UKIP do well at European level and then fall off a cliff in the general election. It is only in home elections that we will see progress. I see no difference with this party. What are their plans to provide a grass roots organisation or are they hoping that a good showing in the Euro elections will deliver support?
At least with proportional representation the Euro withdrawal vote will provide the same number of anti EU MEPs whether this party existed or not. Just a different hue.
Perhaps this new party could fill us in on what they are planning.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed. Its not ideal and it is registered as a political party with all the baggage that carries.

I would prefer a 'movement' like the 19th century Chartists or 21st century Tea Party but we have to use what is there and try and modify it. This may not work but its worth a try. Its very important to keep it pragmatic and cross party with Labour and Liberals on board too

Politicos in Switzerland are very low profile. Can you name the President or PM of Switzerland? That is what we should be aiming at and binding referendums are the only way I can see to us achieving a Swiss type system.